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Pakistan-India Peace Initiative

Peace is a pre-requite condition for prosperity and survival of India and Pakistan. Bitterness, animosity, and hatred will lead us to self-destruction while mutual respect, understanding, and goodwill will embark us on a path to peace, progress, and prosperity. CPSS believe that Pakistan-India relations boil down to the simple fact that when it comes to neighboring nations, there is either co-existence, or no existence.
Since 1995, we have been striving for peace between India and Pakistan. CPSS have been involved in efforts to aid people to people contact between the two nations. In 2005, activists from both India and Pakistan marched from Delhi to Multan, for the cause of Indo-Pak peace. In 2007, CPSS held a conference on a Visa free and Nuclear Free South Asia, in which notables from both countries were invited. Retired soldiers from both nations were invited in the conference who pledged to work for Indo-Pak peace and shun war hysteria. A youth exchange program was also started in which a delegation of young students was sent to India as ambassadors for peace, from Pakistan. Furthermore, in 2011, CPSS launched a yearlong campaign, called Pakistan-India Relax Visa Regime, whose purpose was to create a constituency of political leaders, journalists, business leaders and traders, divided families, and students who will actively support the cause of Indo-Pak peace and influence the government to pursue cordial relations with their neighbor. The activities included a signature campaign in which about 1 million citizens were reached, and 100,000 citizens were convinced to sign the petition. The petition, which called for a relaxed visa policy between India and Pakistan, was then delivered to the honorable Prime Minister of Pakistan. Furthermore, essay and poster competitions were held in various schools and colleges, conferences on Rethinking Pak-India Visa Policy were arranged, and campaign was advertized in educational institutions, religious places of worship, bus terminals, on banners, rickshaws, and markets. Pakistan-India Relaxed Visa Regime can be followed on the Facebook page with the following link: