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Public Protests to Counter Extremist Narratives

“To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men” Abraham Lincoln.
CPSS is known for its activist spirit and resolute support for peace, human rights, women empowerment, democracy, and anti-extremist measures. We protest, because we care and are bold enough to stand in the face of tyranny, fascism, war hysteria, and injustice. CPSS is present on the streets for causes ranging from, unfair and discriminatory blasphemy laws to injustice in Kashmir. Our record witness to the fact, that we have walked abreast with civil society, judiciary, religious minorities, missing persons, women, children, and every individual or group deprived of proper dignity and rights. Individuals at CPSS and our friends have risked their lives to counter injustice in an age where the State and high officials only render lip service to the downtrodden and the meek. We indulge in activism because of our conviction that responsible citizens must take sides and strive for justice. CPSS, requests all citizens to do the same.