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Peace Mobile Cinema

CPSS, in collaboration with Umeed Jawaan, launched Peace Mobile Cinema: Films for Peace, in 2015. More than 5400 children and youth were reached and sensitized concerning the message of peace, tolerance, human rights, and women empowerment. In Peace Mobile Cinema: Films for Peace, animated and live action movies selected to highlight a peace and tolerance theme according to their relevance to the Pakistani context, were screened in various educational institutions, villages and towns of five districts of Punjab including Lahore, Lodhran, Multan, Bahawalpur, and Muzaffargarh. Film screenings were held in the remotest of areas of these districts, including Mukhtar Mai’s school in Muzaffargarh to a warm reception from the people. The resounding success of the project has vindicated our conviction that Pakistani people are more receptive to the message of peace, tolerance, and love, instead of extremism and hatred.