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Unite for Peace

The tragic attack on APS left all Pakistanis in shock, heartbreak, and denial. CPSS believed that an act of such unprecedented and indescribable brutality and violence deserved a powerful and determined response from all Pakistanis, in repudiation to a culture of intolerance, extremism, and terrorism. CPSS, appreciated the efforts of the State of Pakistan to eliminate terrorism and curb extremism, through its National Action Plan. To bolster, the National Action Plan, CPSS organized Unite for Peace; a campaign consisting of seminars in universities of southern and central Punjab, advertising through billboards, radio, and electronic media, signing of petition by students, peace rallies, and a peace mushaira held in PILAC. Special attention was given to the youth, who are most vulnerable to extremism and radicalization. Citizens can also contribute towards this initiative by following the Facebook page of Aman Hamara Haq with this Link :